Sunday, November 29, 2009


Not always so...but sometimes, yes; because often it all starts with physical attraction. An opposite sex with attributes that makes him your dream man (0r girl for that matter); a nice smile, wonderful bod, sparkling eyes, even white teeth, generous mouth…etc. But at times, it goes beyond that of intelligent, bright, men that some finds more attractive than handsome faces; or when the heart goes for the attitude or the friendship that have blossomed to love. And that’s when we say Love Is Blind. We do not rely on what the eyes have seen but on who makes the heart grow bigger.

We also hear of people saying, “It is my heart deciding not me”. It may sound romantic but definitely not possible, because the heart cannot think at all. It is just the way of putting into words that she chooses who makes her heart beat faster, who she loves.

Love is such a great thing for us to put into words. It is vague to use one word to define it. BUT so common for most to have the same experience to understand what the others are going through and love being blind comes along every so often.


Friday, November 27, 2009

Miami Sound Machine’s Gloria Estefan originally made this song popular, and through the years have been one of my favorites. Local artist Nina rekindled the flame for this 80’s song in her own rendition which is now theme songs of most new-generation couples.

It may be an exaggeration to utter such phrase, but it has indeed been uttered between two people innumerable times already. And no matter how “gasgas” (scratched) and overused it is, it still is somewhat toe-curling to hear them from the one we love.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

There are two phases of courtship, 1st is courting your beloved; and 2nd is courting your future In-Laws. Most of the time, the second is the harder of the two. You have to be on your best behavior, laying down the best of your characteristics, intentions, and of course…your career and achievements! That is why we ensure that we are deserving and worthy for their child.

And if you are traveling the path to medical career, I suggest that you look into this site where you will find a credible learning institute that have highly trained and experienced educators; varying areas that may be more accessible to your place; and excellent programs that includes internship or hands-on experience in their medical facilities.

MRI programs are offered in their site. May you be hoping to be an LVN or LPN Nurse, Psychiatric Technician, Radiologic Technician, Phlebotomy Technician, or DMS…and the likes, you would always look for a great place to accommodate your needs…and please your In-Laws as well.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009


If even, white teeth were discussed prior, now it’s that scent to linger. First Impression Lasts”, a popular phrase in the world of attraction that is directly related to these sensorial assets one must have for another to reminisce.

Taking extra care of our bodily needs and physical attributes are added factor to go one notch higher than those who do not. Admit it or not, there is a lot of competition going on for us to make a difference to the opposite sex. And it is an ego booster, if not a need to grab a partner, to be classified above the “common” or the “majority”.

And so, you must find the right personal scent that will go with your body chemistry and personality…a signature scent to define the YOU that you want others to want to go after.


Want to have this metaphor given to a wonderful smile? That “killer smile” of even, pearly white teeth that melts ice, a smile to churn your insides, a smile to charm you man (or ladies).

One reason why during our teens (or even up to present) we go our Ortho’s and have those stings and pains just so our crooked teeth be adjusted to perfection is for us to have “that” smile. The same goes who buy teeth bleachers to do away with stains left by caffeine and nicotine, or those spending thousands (of pesos) to have tooth implants.

True enough, teeth are one of the first’s that measures up to our salability to others. I should know, because it is one of my criteria for you to pass my crush-o-meter!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

This series of books by Kinsella is truly a “MUST-READ” for me! It not only made me laugh out loud, but I love the way it is written. Simple yet brilliant. Down right realistic, but somehow unbelievable when it comes to the shopaholic part. It is obviously put into exaggeration, and it is hilarious!

I especially love the story of this Shopaholic and baby because the story touched on one of the most important word in a married life: TRUST. I believe that there really comes a time that this trust that you are trying so much to give may be a little shaken, but with proper communication, whatever doubts you have will be resolved. And that this communication should always be open in both sides.

The having the baby part is another that made the story even more touching since this is one of the most awaited time in a couple’s life, bringing your own child into the world. The excitement shared by each other makes the bond grow stronger and the love to root deeper. This is a topic that is sensitive enough to warm the heart of everyone…because this is when a person is most vulnerable.


Monday, November 23, 2009


Last time I had to buy cake is when my daughter celebrated her birthday, and there’s this theme we are supposed to follow ~ The Princess theme. And she requested Cinderella so I had to go from one Cake shop to another looking for the right one. It is mind boggling enough…but how more on a wedding cake?!

I definitely need more than a week in choosing. From the design to the taste, since I love “almost” every variety there is. Yeah, I love cakes! And just this morning, I was visited by this new blogger friend and upon browsing through, there she have wedding cakes!

And all you married ladies out there, I’m sure you will agree with me when I say that it is one of those important things to look into in a wedding. Am I right? Why so for you?

MAKING LOVE by Roberta flack

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Roberta Flack Lyrics

“There’s more to love than making love” is a phrase that has been kept repeating over and over in this song. Just as it was in one of my previous posts, I have zeroed in on S- - not being the only thing that makes of marriage (or relationship). Frankly, it also gives a big enough impact to be remembered when everything else failed. BUT in this instance, we use the word Making Love, because too much of a strong emotion connected to it than pure and simple s - - that implicates worldly need. That something special comes out from our very being IF love is in the center.



A long ago funny poem that brings to mind what happens to us when we become senselessly in love. It feels mighty nice to be in cloud nine, and believe it or not…it happens still though we’re not so young as we were. This poem I’d like to share with you have been with me since high school…and I had copied in my organizer which I have to dig out from my long ago stack of notebooks and things. Hope you enjoy it as I did again this morning when I read it after decades of being kept.

All Because You Kissed Me Goodnight
~by Sandy Rirstan

I climbed the door and opened the stairs,
Said my pajamas and put on my prayers.
Then turned off the bed and crawled in the light,
All because you kissed me goodnight.

Next morning I woke and scrambled my shoes,
Polished my eggs and toasted the news.
I couldn’t tell my left from my right,
All because you kissed me goodnight.

That evening at last, I felt normal again,
So I picked up my mother and called the phone,
I spoke to the puppy and threw dad a bone.
Even at midnight the sun was still bright,
All because you kissed me goodnight.


Friday, November 20, 2009


The holiday’s is fast approaching, and with it comes our problem as to what to give our man!

The very first on the list comes the WATCH. There’s so many to choose from but his personality will define what’s best for him. Is he the sporty type? A classy, indoor type?

Next goes the tools and equipment that would make his chores more manageable…but be sure that you know which one is already in his tool shed.

Maybe you, HEY MISTER…YES YOU!... can you give us help here…and give us an advice of what you want. Nothing better than to get the information from those who needs them.


Thursday, November 19, 2009


Is it simply because of tradition that a man has to bring flowers to his girl? Isn’t his presence enough?

Flowers for so long have been a token of love. That in the event that you want to convey something, you hand over a bunch of them. In actuality, women, by nature, loves flowers. It brings out the femininity in them. And so bearing this in mind, men then gives them what would please them, thinking that flowers is one of them. But remember…it is only one of them, and it also depends on the woman’s personality.

Still, as afore mentioned, it has been a tradition; and so is now being almost expected by women from those pursuing them. Somewhat making it a basis of comparison as to the other women being pursued.

I guess then that to be on the safe side, provide them flowers unless they are allergic to it! ;)


Wednesday, November 18, 2009


This has always been a topic of interest in a couple, and as for me, I personally have one answer: “ANYTHING IN EXCESS IS NOT GOOD!”

…and same goes with this jealousy inside a relationship. It is healthy in a way in letting the other know that you care enough to get hurt, but in excess of it will be lacking trust. The moment though that YOU DON’T CARE whether he does not go home and not be aware of anything happening to him, you simply have let the love fade away. That you really do not care anymore.

Keep the love burning, give assurances and not let insecurities build in between. “It takes two to tango” so it’s not always HIS job to do that, but HERS as well.



There really is an existing cultural gap…BUT in the matters of the heart it is NON-EXISTENT!

Benetton always comes to mind whenever this cultural gap is mentioned. Benetton really have a high end when it comes to their trademark of different races joined together in their products. I can probably say LOVE IS BENETTON. That love is possible even in different colors, because I see couples of differing colors make it to the altar.

As they say…”Love conquers all!” Obviously, even the gaps!


Monday, November 16, 2009


Marriage is more than four bare legs in a bed
~ by Hoshang N. Akhta

More often than not, a marriage, or a relationship that started in bed (or because of "it") ~ do not survive the long lasting commitment and responsibility connected to it.

We cannot just jump into marriage because we are sexually compatible. Well in the true sense of the word, we should not actually know that until AFTER we are married. But speaking of the general population's state..."it" is just a small part of it.

Yes there's the sizzle, there's the sparkle...but is there friendship? Is there mutual understanding or compatibility outside the bedroom? Though there were instances that it develops and blossoms to love, but as per common occurrence, it is the reason for separation and divorces that seems to be as getting more and more frequent among our circle of friends. Celebrities being on top of the list of the most number of broken homes and families.

We have to remember always that s-- is too sacred to be played upon, yet too simple a reason to take the vows to being together forever.



More and more acquaintance get married to a "seaman"...and according to them, it is both fulfilling and being left empty.

Practically, they get to live a comfortable life, being provided for. But having them gone for more than a month makes you cry for more time with him. A family without the head is like a wobbly boat. A child growing up without the constant supervision of a father makes them incomplete.

BUT a partner to stay and be "the you" the family needs for a time is suffice to make it all worthwhile. Because admit it or not, life on earth is pretty hard and the offer given you being at sea will keep the family afloat. A strong bond to that love you have for each other will help you both go on. And in the end, the benefits of it all can surpass the lost time. JUST KEEP HOLDING ON.

Or...not? You know best being there...what can you say about this?



I see you smile

I see you smile, and it haunts me forever.
I hold on to you as the lights fill my eyes.
A fleeting moment that we’re together,
You fade away as the morning cries.

I can only try to remember,
All the things we we’re happy for.
I miss us so bad it’s like a frozen ember.
Longing for the time we could have more.

A friend have created this personal poem. I am caught in between the lines thinking of the sadness or of the rapture being revealed in here.

What brings to mind the shortness of the happiness we have here on earth. That each and everything have it's end. And as always, we're always hoping for more, if only it will be given.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Filipino’s used to be traditionalists, old-fashioned to others. BUT come 20th almost had been pure history. "Almost" because there are still a few who goes with what their families have passed on from generation to generation.

Still, I am not saying that this “marriage for convenience” is not old-fashioned; because even in the past decades, it has been going on. The “family arrangement” where parents have agreed upon another family friend of their offspring’s marriage that is to be held a decade or so after; or of a certain custom like that of the royalties centuries ago where in they cannot have the vows if not within the family or clan. Likewise, the Chinese custom which I believe to be practiced to this day though not everyone is another example of which.

TODAY, “marriage for convenience” includes political reason, or for financial stability. Some says it works and some doesn’t. There is this certain hold you have for each other due to common or interlacing goal. It can work but not necessarily fulfilling. Love may blossom, or the differences may eat up your individuality. It may continue on with easy friendship or romantic love; but it can also little by little rot your insides up, resort to violence, constant emotional attack or end up with separation. It is also common to see 2 different races bound together in a marriage. It is not easy needing to fill in the cultural gap in addition to common adjustments in a newly wed, and differently-raised individuals. Then again, life is full of surprises…either we end up smiling or crying.

What do you think?


Saturday, November 14, 2009


In a couple, these rings signify something deeper than it being a band. With it creates a lasting bond that both hopes to surpass earthy life.

A reason why we give much importance to it, especially that very ring declaring our belongingness to each other: the wedding ring. This ring that can never be excluded in a marriage unlike an engagement ring that some may not deem necessary anymore, though if able the man would want the world to know that his girl is already his though still awaiting the wedding bells.

Still, women gives greater importance to it than men does. That is why it is us mostly choosing the rings. What is the best that suits you? There’s so much to choose from actually. Some prefers it plain and smooth hoping the relationship to run as smooth as it is.
Others are more able and extravagant in choosing, and prefer to have nothing other than the sparkling eternity hoping for the love to sparkle for eternity as it does. The fact that it truly is beautiful that I myself would want to have such as my knight in shining armor slips it on me. And no matter the style, the inscriptions inside is a prerequisite.

Just be sure that it does not have the ones written in that famous ring created in Mordor that Mr. Frodo have to guard from greedy men in the Lord of the rings!


Friday, November 13, 2009

It is a year of fantasizing a wedding of my own after seeing that supposedly secret dream-come-true wedding of the year between a famous Filipino celebrity couple Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo. They were hoping for it to be as private as possible and so decided for it to come out as a surprise to the general public if incase it will. It sure did but not until the wedding is about to take place. It even was televised hours after. Remarkable!

Them starting off at a church the bride’s parents wed decades ba
ck and ended with a beach reception obviously connotes well planning. Everything the couple is can be seen in their choices of invitation which is a box with one flipflop to which you will find the other half in the wedding reception itself; the guest singers that have made the ceremonies more memorable; the breakfast, the boat ride and the dinner. Every event in the whole day affair is as special as each other. It is the perfect wedding…simply because they were able to do what they both love.

Another famous couple chose a different way of doing their wedding. Well known anchor woman Korina Sanchez and Senator running for presidency Mar Roxas chose to do it in the simplest of weddings preferring only that it
be witnessed by every Filipino. It was aired except for the private reception that followed which includes close family and friends. They revealed that the supposed millions of peso cost of reception will be donated instead to calamity victims.

Weddings differ as each of us differs. Our preferences counts, but our status still is the main reason as to how it will turn out.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Nothing surpasses anything to make the heart plumper than to have someone shout to the world of how lucky he is to have you, of how much you mean to him. This simple thing is in fact a great big deal to women in love. It is close to a proof that it is genuine love almost the same to an engagement ring…which is next to the wedding itself.

Sweeter than sweet for a woman to do this, but what more of a man doing this? One may call it “cheesy”, “emo”, or “possessive”, “overacting”…but to women in love, it’s pure and simple LOVE EXPRESSION.

I don’t know with you, but I will feel pretty special if it was me…just as my best bud Mimi being loved by her Badong.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009


You don’t have to start looking for this in your vitamin cases, because you can’t find it written as such, but as Phenylethylamine (PEA). In fact you can even have it in a nearby store and not in the drug stores…because it is in the most common form of chocolates.

Yes, yes you heard me right ~ plain and simple chocolates. Well, that’s aside from it being released from the emotional part of the brain when we fall in love. Right again, when we feel all mushy and cheesy; the reason why you receive them from your suitors is simply them hoping that whatever lacks in the natural release in the body will be compensated by what chocolates can do.

So all you men out there, don’t be overly worried of us losing those curves…in exchange to obtaining our love ;)


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

“if i has to choose between loving you, and breathing.
I would use my last breath to say I
LOVE YOU” ~ by Dani B.

This is easy enough to understand than quotes like "Beneath the coupled gold faints the painless catalog" or “The teeming Autumn big with rich increase, bearing the wanton burden of the prime like widowed wombs after their lords decease”.

“If I has to choose between loving you, and breathing. I would use my last breath to say I
LOVE YOU”…and this I believe has been done unaccountable times through the years even before this very quote has been written because love brings out the poets in us. We become even more deserving of such write-ups at that very moment of uttering them because it is coming from the inner recesses of our hearts and souls.

And it is the hardest part in all of our lives, letting go of our love one to the painful separation of death. AND SO, LET US NOT AWAIT FOR OUR LAST BREATH TO SAY THOSE MAGICAL WORDS, “I love you”!

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