Wednesday, September 9, 2009


The commonly uttered Filipino phrase “Samahan ng Malalamig ang Christmas”(SMC) came to mind the moment this BER-month was noticed. It may be translated as “a group having cold Christmases”.

This is actually supposed to be a widespread joke around groups belonging to the unmarried people or what we call “singles”. Since Christmas time, we all tend to cuddle due to the warm Christmassy feeling, being very sentimental and loving during this season plus the very mere fact that when it’s Christmas time, it is indeed cold! And so, by September, the very first BER-month, almost all individual classified as “single” would be wishing upon the first star for someone special, or if not, be reminded of the fact that come Christmas it’s going to be one cold Christmas Day. And that soon, someone will voice it out loud.

Admit it or not, I’m pretty sure that one way or the other, you Singles out their have the same line of thought if not directly the same…right?


r u s s said...

I like the BER months because people in general are nicer and come December, everyone seems to be in the best mood all the time. For couples, being sweet and romantic should not be seasonal. It's good to show to always show the one you love how much you care.

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