Friday, September 4, 2009


I did, a lot of time.

My Mom and Dad. Granny and Gramps. Aunt and Uncle.

But when the question was raised,
"we're meant to be together" is the common retort.

I believed it UNTIL my cousin Tammy in Stanford University

shared from me something she have learned
from a known psychologist there that the most probable reason
is because of the years they have spent together,

they have unconsciously mimicked each others
facial expressions making them almost look-alikes already.

What I don't believe is his idea of food being another factor. Inconclusive.


r u s s said...

Are you referring to former lovers? Or present lovers? Of course, present lovers can be friends -- they should be!

jenie said...

@ russ - thanks for sharing your thought. true, lovers SHOULD be friends. and yes, i was referring to former lovers...because most people, after gettting separated they end up hurting each other! which should not be the case. it's a losing game on you're part to be holding on to grudges instead of living in peace. forgiveness gives you freedom.

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