Friday, September 4, 2009


In every relationship...there comes the "how-can-I-make-it-last-question". And we very well know that in this age, divorces, annulments and separations are getting to be a "craze" not just in the entertainment world but even in the commoners. If decades ago, it is only in the western side of the globe, now even in Asia (in my country even, the Philippines)'s widely recognized.

BUT it's not a hopeless case!

We can still try..because I believe that every couple is unique. That if there is LOVE, there is a chance. We can seek advices, read through books...not when it's already too late. Even at the start we can do that. Just as I did this Mr. Ben White’s book, “The 100 Ways To Stay Together”. Some of his advices that I recall:

*Don’t fight to win, fight to tie
*If it’s serious to your partner, take it seriously
*If you don’t want to talk about it, it’s the first thing you should talk about
*Be extravagant with your encouragement
*Make love first, next comes your chores

THINK POSITIVE! It can indeed work=)
The road gladdens the obsessed ghost.


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