Tuesday, September 15, 2009


“It’s my last day….tomorrow’s his big day, and I still don’t know what to give him!”

A common dilemma wives and fiancé’s have when there’s a need to look for a present for an anniversary, birthday, holiday, congratulations…or whatever occasion that needs gift giving. Yes, there’s the “what he likes” and “what he needs”…but after so many years and occasions that have passed you by…it seems that you’re suddenly at a loss for what else there is to give. Sometimes, just with the cramming, your mind gets TOTALLY BLANK!

Either you go window shopping if you have the time or just pick out anything for the sake of having one. That just sucks! Because put yourself in his shoes and you wouldn’t want to get another organizer which he have given you on your last birthday, or a third-time-around set of manicure sets…or a tiny little elephant that you will put behind that glass shelf amongst a hundred others just so you wouldn’t hurt his feelings if you give them all away.

It’s not that you do not appreciate the gift nor do you expect your gift not to be appreciated, but you wanted to give him THE BEST AMONG THE REST. We need
CHOICES. And how fortunate it is that these choices we’re just a click away in this millennium. So we do not have an excuse as to NOT KNOWING, or that WE DON’T HAVE THE TIME…what’s a few minutes worth?! You put a lot of those minutes doing your hair and make-up everyday. A special occasion for a special person needs special attention!

Just remember to chose what the receiver will love you more for…and what you can continue to love him for though not his day anymore!!! (PSP’s definitely is worth a second thought if you don’t want being ignored in exchange for those addictive games, get what I mean?!)


r u s s said...

Kase naman, gifts for the opposite are always sooo expensive. Hahaa. ... perfume & shoes are always safe to give. And you can always go for gadgets -- not only are they functional, but men love them!

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