Friday, September 11, 2009


Is it the love month or what? Well…it’s such a nice feeling that I wouldn’t want to wait for any other day but today to be in love!

Just as I was this morning when I turned on the television and saw this I-cannot-recall-what-title movie that is actually almost over, but still had a heart warming effect on me. Though the wedding ceremony the characters partook near the end is not exactly my type, in a carnival setting, it’s the words that struck a cord. That though the ceremony is not perfect, what is important is that the couple was there loving each other and they had the courage to say “I do!”

Life is so full of surprises, you never know if your dream wedding will still be your dream wedding when that time finally comes. And it’s every woman’s fantasy to have one of her own. I do, too…after all I’m a woman!

And at a time like this, when I am a little more sappy than usual, I browse around for other people’s weddings. Sometime’s going through bridal gowns in the net or even in magazines. Look at get away destinations, bride bouquets, wedding cakes,… photos with differing preferences. I am fortunate to have friends in that line. One of which is
Ronald who help couples in relieving their most important day by offering complete footage of the event, have memorable photos of the preparation…and everything else that would keep the love going as you view them over again in the years to come. Dhan-Ronald digital photography & videography will cater to all your prefered momentos of your MEMORY TO KEEP.

I wonder how I would like my wedding to be by that time…what do you like? Or what was your’s like? I’d love to hear your wedding this and that, share it with me?


ruby said...

nice voice!! kaka inlove nga

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

As you saw from my photos, my wedding was a muddy mess! But the end result would be the same, whether or not the wedding had gone off without a hitch. Saying "I Do" is a big step, a huge day and everyone wants it to be perfect. And mine was perfect, rain and all!

I love looking at other people's wedding photos and wedding dresses! It's interesting to see what everyone else's idea of romance is!

Yen said...

Nakaka inlove nga. hehe.
Thanks jen, for leaving comments in my box. kip in touch.

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