Thursday, September 17, 2009


I was watching my ever favorite comedy show “Friends” yesterday, and I was in that scene where husband and wife, Monica and Chandler, were with the social worker who will decide whether they are capable of raising a kid or not. As always, the scene is hilarious with Joey with them…but it touches also a sensitive core especially in a mother like me.

It’s a sensitive issue for me even just to think that the baby will be raised by some other people other that her mom. It’s so heartbreaking…well, actually I became so very sensitive when it comes to kids when I gave birth to my very own 4 years ago. BUT on the other side, it also is heartwarming to believe that without parents needing to go into Adoption, those kids will have no one except those working in those institutions caring for them.

Though, this “Adoption” is a commitment and a responsibility that had to be thought of a thousand times before pushing through; because there is no turning back! It’s basically having a child JUST without the first phase of carrying for 9 months. There should be no difference…because in both ways, the couple will be given a blessing, a child to love and to care for until the day they die. It will be the proof of their love for each other, because they will each be doing this to make the other be happier, and in the end making the 3 of them the happiest.


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