Friday, September 4, 2009


Thinking back of our childhood follies almost always make us smile. There’s the awkward changes and development we go through during adolescence or puberty; those unforgettable firsts that we try along with our peers; and of course, the transition of our definition of LOVE and RELATIONSHIP.

Funny it may seem, but mine started during kindergarten. My very first notice of the opposite sex and of the natural feeling of attraction though undefined yet in those years. I can even remember that li’l boy and how he helped me with my copying the take home assignment, though not his name anymore. As the years went on, crushes came and go. The so called “puppy love” during elementary; the suitors; the very first boyfriend that actually was only allowed for the sake of having one; the first real boyfriend; the first kiss; the flings….

Each and every one of them had their significant effects and left a memory to keep. Each relationship teaches us something. May it be understanding ourselves, dealing with people around us,…or simply about life. And so I believe them to be immensely affecting and as equally important as any other major event in our lives.

Don’t you think so?


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