Thursday, October 15, 2009

MySpace Music Playlist at MixPod.com

This is amongst my favorites...
a very soothing music that makes me want to wallow
in the love of this man who needs to go.

Michael Frank's "Lady Wants To Know" is one of those songs of the heart that portrays reality, and as I listen, it always makes me feel the love between the couple but there's the wonder as to the reason for the need for distance.

This reality of a man's confusion to what he feels happens, and it sometimes poses a problem to a relationship. And we know that they were the ones who are good at hiding these emotional turmoils that leads to misunderstandings, and seldom do the lady of his heart gives him the so-called "space" he needs simply because the lady is not aware of this unspoken demand. This confusion that becomes all the more confusing. If only they would not include the romantic side of them to that male ego they naturally have. AND if only all the ladies be reminded of these facts that had to be accepted and dealt with to keep the love going.


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