Wednesday, October 14, 2009


If you ask me, it DOES AND DOES NOT! Primarily because in choosing a partner age is just ONE factor to consider. Greater emphasis should be placed on your compatibility. Both ends should meet. He may be younger in years, but you yourself is innocent to the extreme for your preferences to be in agreement. Or he may be a decade older, but you’re wise for your age and thru life experiences you can catch up with his intellectual capacity.

Physically, age can deceive us into revealing signs of maturity. There are some fortunate individuals though were gifted with delayed indicators, yours truly is one of which THANK GOD ;) But partnership does not end with the difference in age. There are the preferences, the principles, and the rearing. Imagine two different individuals who have grown up with different people, have lived and believed in different facts…then suddenly BOOM, love blossoms…here comes in the acceptance of one another. Respecting each individual’s likes and dislikes.

If one is to choose, there is of course greater possibility that the one closest your age will match your partialities. There will not be a problem with the crowd you both fancy, say your community-help gatherings and his sports buddies; the measure of your physical capacity will match as well thus activities will not be so far off, like his trekking and your cracking joints and aching limbs; or simply the concern of any generation gap in music, in events or the so-called “in” things.

…then again LOVE conquers all! Just make sure that THE LOVE YOU HAVE NOW WILL CONTINUE TO BURN AS THE YEARS GO BY. That is why people say, “Think it over a thousand times before saying I DO!”


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