Thursday, October 29, 2009


Richie Lionel HELLO Lyrics

Loving people from afar is unsatisfying as it is unsettling. It is human nature to love, and eluding that possibility of sharing that feeling is simply cowardice. Fear of being put down or fear of shattering a comfortable but incomplete bond with someone is the most common reasoning heard. That it is far better to suffer from that reward of ensuring that special someone is being loved far greater than anyone would THAN to be shuttered of that dream of someday doing just that. That you will keep your ego intact THAN not needing to question no one but yourself where she is, who she is with, is she lonesome. That you would rather lay in dreaming and waiting for her to come to you THAN have her in your arms saying I LOVE YOU.

REMEMBER, life is full of surprises. You never know what awaits you…that while you are wasting precious time of being with her, time runs off until later on IT’S TOO LATE.

You can never know until you try…and try you should when that something or someone is worthy of it!!!


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