Saturday, October 3, 2009


I’m so happy to tell you that I’m finally back, and that I terribly missed blogging and my blogger friends. HOPE YOU’RE ALL STILL THERE, because you’re the reason I keep coming back. If you can notice, my ”blog-mates” have been edited posting your names and identifying sites which are closer to my heart than just your websites…at the same time reviewing them for inactive ones BUT I admit that IT WASN’T SO EASY and so PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOUR NAME WAS UNINTENTIONALLY MISPLACED. I can put it right back in a few strokes, please let me know right away, okay?! No offence friends, peace!

It’s been a while and I tried my best to heal whatever threats I had…I wonder why of all sites…mine was chosen by a hacker to pester. I hope to be rid of them evil-doers FOREVERRRRRRRRRRR!!! Shooooo! Leave me to my simple happiness of making other people happy just reading my posts…and better yet of the friendship created in this World of Blogging.

Let me then end this by saying THANK YOU to all those who have followed me through for almost a year now, for those who drops by every so often, for all commentors who shares with me their thoughts and their time and for all who have became as dear to me as I am to them!



r u s s said...

No one, not even horoscopes, will be able to tell who will end up with. Everything lies in God's will.

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