Saturday, October 3, 2009


A rhetorical question, I’m sure! Everybody wants to end up with the RIGHT and not the WRONG one.

People seek their horoscopes in the magazine, have their tarots read looking for the so-called “Soulmate” or simply doing the “find him my way” by not waiting for him to come to her but go look for him. Going to parties to increase the number of choices, agreeing to blind dates hoping for that magical spark of “love at first sight”, or joining dating sites in the web and social networks like Tagged to travel across the globe for a farther search.

We may not voice out our participation in this wide search for Mr. Right…but we definitely are guilty of hoping to find him. Deny it all you want, but there’s no one to benefit but you in this advice:


“Houses and wealth are inherited from parents, but a prudent wife (or husband, I believe) is from the Lord” (Proverbs 19:14). In tagalog version, “Namamana sa magulang ang bahay at kayamanan, Ngunit buhat kay Yahweh ang mabuting maybahay (asawa)”.

He alone can give us the best, we only have to ask Him.


Skeeper said...

pretty cool entry :)

have you read Brida by Paulo Coelho? It's a very amazing book about a witch who is trying to find his soulmate.

try reading it! ^_^

jenie said...

@skeeper ~ tnx, i'll go look for one. so far, i've read only 2 of paulo coelho's books..which i forgot which one, hehe. something aout ms prim and the devil...and something something ;) Brida sure sounds different...

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