Sunday, October 25, 2009


How things change!!! Every thing have progressed and evolved to what seemed unbelievable, inappropriate and improper to believable, appropriate and proper.

If centuries ago it would have been appropriate that ladies not show even their ankles, now it’s not just ankles that are showing but way up to thighs or even more; if long ago it is unbelievable if someone tells you that a lady is working and doing something else other than household chores, now it is common to see ladies working, even more so a man’s job; and improper it may seem to elderly still, now it is proper and acceptable for ladies to do the first move and not wait for the gentleman to do the wooing or even the very courting.

Yes, how things have changed…how people have changed. Sometimes it is nice to look back and savor the simplicity of life lived by our ancestors, but then again there were times that we thank the heavens that we are in this generation.

Are you amongst the “hoping it was still yesterday” or amongst the “I’m glad I am here today”? What is it you prefer more than the other? Add more to these facts I love…
• The genteel lady of the past centuries, their naiveté and their innocence that upon learning of the mating at the proper time, it is more fulfilling for both the husband and the wife.
• The rights of the women today almost at a level with the men.

…there are a lot I know, please do share your thoughts ;)


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