Tuesday, October 13, 2009


”you got to love me for what I am, for simply being me.
Don’t love me for what you intend, or hope that I would be…”
- from a Karen Carpenter song Love Me For What I Am

This is a common problem encountered in a relationship with a domineering partner, or those with high expectations with their love ones, or even to those who are aware how their better halves loves them way too much. It’s in this situation that such words can be uttered after the relationship have traveled a little while already though not in exactly the same words.

There’s the feeling of inadequacy and/or the feeling of suffocation that leads then to letting go of the love you so hoped to work out. It’s either that one get fed up with too much effort being exerted in the relationship instead of it being comfortable, frequent fights and misunderstandings or simply discontentment.

One cannot insist on a mere physical attraction. The totality of that person needed to be compatible with your own totality if you want your relationship to have an easy flow. Nevertheless, those others also can survive though with a little more challenge and spice if there is full acceptance of each ones differences, strong points and weak points. Respect is very important in every relationship...especially in two differently reared individual adjusting to becoming one.


r u s s said...

This happens a lot, but if we're more sensitive towards the feelings of others or of our partner, it can be avoided. Something has to be done about it because it's not healthy.

jenie said...

@russ ~ very true, we must let our love one grow if we really do love them.

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