Saturday, October 24, 2009

Everybody have their own fairy tales and secret dreams…because that’s where we can fulfill our greatest hopes that cannot happen in our own lives. I have so many of them. Yes, I am even a daydreamer. I have my own stories, I have my own heroes.

But apart from those dreams, I live also in the novels and the books that I read. I am right now Sara a boarded a ship that belongs to my husband whom I married when I was still 4 years old. Yeah, it is an arranged marriage, but successful nonetheless. There were the usual ups and downs that naturally come along in a newly bounded couple; the adjustment and the getting to know each other phase.

This book is a romantic-comedy that had me laughing, curl my toes in delight and even peek through my fingers as I cover my face with my hand in the unbelievable events. It’s mighty entertaining, and truly inspiring to have your own love story to tell.


r u s s said...

Change is the only permanent thing in this world. I'm very much happy to have lived in this generation, but it would be nice to travel back to the future JUST for a day or two to experience how it was before, that would be cool too.

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