Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Believe it or not…TIME alone can mend it!

One may hid behind laughter’s or activities, but inside, still bleeding and burning as an aftermath of the break-up. It may take days, weeks, months…even years DEPENDING on your acceptance of reality before you can look back and not feel a thing. That’s how it is in this world, that’s how our creator made life. With happiness comes sadness. Both tears of joy and tears of sorrow exist.

Talking about it gives others the venting they need, but in others it rekindles the flame. Understand that in every thing we do there is a corresponding cause and effect; there’s a beginning and an end.

Again, acceptance is the key. And it’s not just in a snap will you acknowledge the facts…it takes TIME.


r u s s said...

Never be afraid to take risks.Ü

Yen said...

Ouch! I got hit by the lines in second paragraph.Sometimes we miss the point. We take for granted those people who loved us and before its too late for us to realize how the person meant to us so much ... then they're out and had also come up with their self realization. too bad! in short nabasag na ang helmet nung tao.

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