Thursday, December 17, 2009


It's not all for HERS, there also is a HIS' place to rest and relax, and beautify. After all, it's not only us ladies who needs to revitalize the skin, soothe the aching muscles and limbs, have our hair and nails taken care of...MEN needs them too.

One of the many first impressions that I consider significant is the cleanliness of the hands and nails. Not that I want them painted, I hate to see men wearing colorless nail polish! I just want them rid those black "something's" under the nails. And the hair, the crowning glory of both male and female, be neat, clean and flake free.

And so, men are not limited to the Barber shops of long ago, but also to the parlor's and spa's. Fear not men, for it will not lessen your "macho image" to be seen in them.


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