Tuesday, December 22, 2009


It’s not always sitting down and staring at each other, but moments of fun and laughter as well…these are moments of you and him that you treasure. And it can even be better with photofunia. Click! Click! You have your picture, but this site that have daily addition of fun, where you can choose a variety of backgrounds and styles makes your photo fun.

Funny Pictures

It is an understatement to say that being in love makes you crave to be with the one you love every minute, and so you would definitely be having a lot of those “you and me”. Your photo for your frame on your desk, your reminder of him in your room, momento of your first, second, third and so forth monthsary, your first moment together with your family, your favorite hang-out, your every moment. You have thousands of “you and me” even without an event definitely, and to give a twist and make it a little more different, try photofun.

Funny Pictures

In fact it is not just for you lovebirds, it is as fun to do with your friends photos, and your family. It also is an appealing to be in your different social network albums like Friendster, Facebook, Tagged, etc. I have some in mine and it makes people wonder how I do them…and they comment even on the magnificence of it. Art.

Funny Pictures


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