Sunday, December 27, 2009


I’m sure you have been hearing and seeing louis vuitton handbags everywhere you look now, especially this holiday season. BUT not all of us can afford to give in to the vanity of having one. Yes it is “something” to be with your friends slinging along a tremendously beautiful bag, yet it is another to be feeling guilty buying something worth the whole of your wardrobe while you have ONE bag.

Now, can you believe in having one exactly alike but is actually a lot cheaper? That’s what you call louis vuitton replica handbags that I would gladly put my hands on. It’s the ideal thing to do these days of fashion trending though in economic crisis, be wise enough to find cheap replica bags. In fact, people are adept to the need in saving that it is often that they look for look-alike’s than the costly real thing. I remember years ago, almost like centuries ago already, when even us kids can buy the original Barbie Dolls and her accessories with our savings. Now, even the parents complain at the high cost, and settles on Barba’s and other unbranded replicas. Even perfumes now have smells-like, and not only is it half the price different but almost 80% less. How about owning load of those original, attention-getting bags but putting your life at stake whenever you bring it along knowing how bad the world is turning out to be? One moment you are gliding along with a proud face showing off your bag, and in an instant a man passes you along and with him is your gold-worth bag and everything inside it. Lucky you to even have your arm still with you, or your life not taken along. Tell me which you value more then, your bag or your life?

Clothes, bags, shoes…different things in this whole wide world now need to have replicas if that is the deal!


Mommy Mayonnaise said...

I love LV Bags so much, Jen. But sometimes my tears fall down when I saw the price lists (lol)
Replica is a better choice, I think :)


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