Monday, December 21, 2009


I do not know any more when to believe the phrase "experience makes you the wiser". Probably possible, but not to all, especially when we are talking about love and relationship.

I see people, myself included YEARS AGO, go blind and reckless when in comes to decision making with love involve. We falter, and we push head on because we are consumed with that wonderful feeling of ecstatic love. It is euphoric and hyperventilating to be in cloud nine loving and being loved...to the point of madness sometimes. To the point of disobeying norms and rules of society. To the point of forgetting what we were raised not to do and what we ourselves believe of what is right and wrong.

And most of the time, we end up a loser. We fall, we get hurt, sometimes we get ruined. What we lose most is time. But that goes with it. What matters is we move on...and learn.

STILL, why is it that the learning for some ends the moment they get blinded again? Fool enough to forget what they have gone through or believing that this time it's different? Maybe it is possible...but travelling the same path of immorality, the same path of insanity cannot lead you to a different destination. Maybe a VERY little chance, luck probably. But if "experience makes you the wiser" you will see the signals blinking at you. Obvious enough to change your dance step, but often you got so inclined with the tune that you block off the whispering beware. Thus, the cycle of insanity, falling and hurting goes again.

Don't you think it is high time that you love yourself more and have a better cycle than that? I believe it is...and so I did became the wiser.


Mommy Mayonnaise said...

Just after reading this one, I found out that you are already passed the wise meter, Jen. You are wiser now. I love this article very much

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