Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Some newly married couple prefers to wait a few years of enjoying each other before deciding to have kids. Some though are so inclined to having one right away that they conceive it as honeymoon babies.

It is a matter of readiness to build a family and to raise the product of “you and me”. But at this time and age it should be more than what you want but also of CAN YOU? World crisis makes most limit their number of children to 3 or less, and some countries even give a rule of only 1 per family due to over population. These are relevant to the possible here-after of child birth. The excitement and happiness will be there, but what of the responsibility of rearing them and assuring that they can be taken care of, and giving what they need. Can you provide them shelter, necessities, and a little of what they may ask for?

More so, can you be the perfect parent for them, loving them completely and no maltreatments or insufficient time allotted for them? Because if you will only have them to please your other half and blame the kid for being in the way of your career or your social life, DO NOT HAVE ONE. Kids are not puppies or dolls to be excited about at first then be ignored after you lost interest.

Children are blessings, and in them you are sure of having the love given you unselfishly. It is the most wonderful feeling to share your love and your all to someone loving you more than anything and anyone else; And to see them grow up to how you molded them. It is a prize to see them be the best that they are. It is a fulfillment to complete your family of “two of us” to “all of us”!


Laikka said...

yah right..hehe!!! cool!

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