Sunday, December 27, 2009


Funny thing to say, but it really is one of the commonly heard illnesses these days. Young or old, rich or poor…everybody in all walks of life can have it. And there are so many of it, if only you can choose which one to have. Tsk! Okay, okay…seriously this time.

Whenever people hear of this big C, almost always we picture the treatment and of what is happening during and after it. But we must also consider the positive effects of what these treatments bring, thanks to reseach and technology because having Cancer now does not always mean death, it can be cured. And it’s not just chemotherapy these days, there’s the “pill a day” now for lung and pancreatic cancer treatment. Every step we take now takes us closer to finding out the breakthrough to curing all diseases…hopefully we also would know all the preventions TO STAY LONGER WITH OUR LOVE ONES AND BETTER HALVES.


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