Sunday, December 27, 2009


Honestly, if you’re asking me I would have to say “NO”.

For the longest time I have always believed only of normal marriages, that’s a man to a woman; and not a man to man or woman to woman. Not only was I taught that it is what the society accepts years ago but of what the Bible says how it should be. Yes, maybe people have learned to accept that THINGS have changed and we with time changed as well…but why not do so not in accordance to how we were made? To what is proper?

I must admit that gay people are funny, those I know that is, and they are nice to be with…but that does not mean I go with whatever they want. I oppose to relationship between same sex, but I do not condemn them for being effeminate.

I believe that it is understandable that genetically they may have more estrogen than testosterone to have more of the womanly traits, but it is also a trial for them to fight off the wants and needs that is not supposed to be for them to give in to just because they want to…and just recently, because of others acceptance of it. After all, it only is acceptable but not commendable…more so, just temporary worldly happiness and after which, everlasting damnation.


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