Thursday, December 31, 2009


The truth's getting harder and harder to find one these days.

I cannot say that MEN are purely to blame, because once upon a time they were there "for" us. Until sexism popped out of nowhere. Now they are giving us the space we needed, the level and equality we are seeking or demanding...only, TOO MUCH IS BEING GIVEN.

Sometimes when I read novels with settings on centuries ago, I cannot help but compare how special and precious and sensitive the women are then than today. The men values them like gems, they were taken care of like a fragile flower. They have less responsibilities. How easy it would have been . Then again, women have no voices before. They cower behind their men, they sit beside their feet and lick their hands.

But men need not be way above us, domineering and conceited being stronger than us, the weaker sex, to be gentleman! With or without that power, that strength, they can be respectful of women rights. They can value our capabilities, they can help with our weaknesses. What is so difficult with not raising hands over us? What's listening to our opinions and giving in when we are on the right? What of having good manners and etiquettes? What is wrong with being a gentleman at all times?

Good thing is...there are still some lurking around, you just got to find them!


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