Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I admit to being a sentimental fool…but sentimental fool or not, we all have memories to keep. Every occasion we have photos and memorabila’s that we store in our safest place at home. And when we are in love, everyday is an occasion!

Facebook is one of the most popular site that is being filled up with those photos. I myself have an account there that makes me connect with friends, old and new. And that it is the way and reason for me to create MORE memories to keep. But aside from this remarkable site, you can also have a personal page specifically for storing up your most valued times with your love ones; a safer one than your NOT fire-proof house, or your NOT poke-free cabinets.

My Heart Will is the answer to your hope of creating a special account for your special someone’s that only you and that love one can access. Messages, thoughts, recordings, photos, letters…any of those things can be kept here. That a few seasons after, you can relinquish the blossoming love that you now cannot believe to be happening…and a few years after, can reminisce on those splendid days you have with your love ones.

Loving is euphoric, and going back to that day is something we all do. Have the place to go to in one click, My Heart Will is offering what you have always wished for. Not a box, but a site full of your memories to keep.


Mommakin said...

What a neat idea!

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