Friday, December 25, 2009


In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities
~ by Janos Arnay

I have long ago trained myself to keep dreaming, and to keep believing. Because I know that in that world, the dream world, there is no impossibility. And that is where I reach anything unreachable. And it always gives me this moment of bliss, and the push to achieve that dream in reality. A motivation if I may say so.

Dreaming is the only thing we can do nowadays that is free, and so if you dream, dream big. This is where we are in the state of immortality, a state of perfection...and this is what people in love usually do as well. Because whatever that cannot be in the real world, can be in that dream world.

But we also can say that if you truly and deeply love someone, you can do everything in your power to do whatever it takes for that love. (well, in this instance, I'd like to iterate that THERE has to be bounds to what you should and should not do!)


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