Wednesday, December 9, 2009

You are eyeing this girl for the longest time, but you are taking your time trying to be what she wants a man to be. She likes men carrying long hair, you grew your clean cut to long; she likes sports cars, you exchange your classy car to a sporty; she likes this, you do that.

You are then making her like her dream man and not YOU. This kind of arrangement can work, but not for a long-term relationship…because not so long after, you will want to be the real you. Lucky you if you are mistaken in believing that she will not like you for whom you are, and that the real you that will come to show sooner or later will be better than what or who you are portraying to be. But if not, heart break is to be expected.

So why not do the right thing the first time? Show the real you and if you are liked for who you are it will be more rewarding, and it is easier to the extreme as compared to the effort you will put through in pretending. The saying “no” of a girl can probably hurt your ego a little, but that’s nothing compared to the loss after finally having her then needing to let go.


KK said...

I'd so rather know the real person up front with all their flaws. Makes me feel better about mine :)

Carolee / Home4ever said...

My daughter & I were just talking about this, but more the other way around. Girls acting different for boys or for other girls (to be friends).

I just started homeschooling this year, and I love the fact that my daughter can be herself and not fear rejection from peers because she doesn't talk, dress, or act right (according to them).

She was asking about going back to school after Christmas break and my heart froze. Um... we'll procrastinate on that for a while longer:-)

doQ / scribbler said...

Let your heart guide you and let your mind lead you... :) but that's easier said than done..

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