Thursday, December 31, 2009

I believe in the beauty inside of everyone is of great magnitude. It is the “YOU” that stays, it is what will be there even after you lost your youth; BUT the beauty outside is as relevant when you are to go into a relationship. It is in fact the very first that starts the spark, the attraction. A beautiful face that attracts to look into the beautiful “YOU” inside.

They say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, yes, that counts a lot! And we want ALL beholders’s to see a radiant beauty, smooth skin, perfection if possible. The reason why we have to rid of these pimples that I now have! I kept complaining about this actually, if you have read my recent post in my other blog, At-A-Blink. What I need is the wonders of Los Angeles Dermatologist Celibre. They have treatment after treatment to make a whole new you. You can say good bye to your scars and tattoos you want to remove, stretch marks that have been there since you first gave birth, sun damaged skins, unwanted hairs, spider veins, so on and so forth…all those ugly reminders of the old you.

I would like to jump with joy upon seeing the “Acne Treatment” though all I have are few small regular pimples, I still would want to have back my clear flawless skin (Wink! Wink! When I was I baby, haha!). I mentioned unwanted hair above as well, lo and behold, I finally can do away with my “balbon” (excessive hair in my legs) with the laser hair removal in Los Angeles , if only I am there in the U.S. and not thousands of miles away. Celibre is the answer to being truly beautiful in the eyes of whoever there is looking!



The truth's getting harder and harder to find one these days.

I cannot say that MEN are purely to blame, because once upon a time they were there "for" us. Until sexism popped out of nowhere. Now they are giving us the space we needed, the level and equality we are seeking or demanding...only, TOO MUCH IS BEING GIVEN.

Sometimes when I read novels with settings on centuries ago, I cannot help but compare how special and precious and sensitive the women are then than today. The men values them like gems, they were taken care of like a fragile flower. They have less responsibilities. How easy it would have been . Then again, women have no voices before. They cower behind their men, they sit beside their feet and lick their hands.

But men need not be way above us, domineering and conceited being stronger than us, the weaker sex, to be gentleman! With or without that power, that strength, they can be respectful of women rights. They can value our capabilities, they can help with our weaknesses. What is so difficult with not raising hands over us? What's listening to our opinions and giving in when we are on the right? What of having good manners and etiquettes? What is wrong with being a gentleman at all times?

Good thing is...there are still some lurking around, you just got to find them!

"MEN!" sigh

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I can't help sharing this with you, which I came across dear redheadritter's post. Funny but with a ring of reality...

Once upon a time, a guy asked a girl 'Will you marry me?'
The girl said, 'NO!'
And the guy lived happily ever after
and road motorcycles and went fishing and hunting
and played golf a lot and drank beer and scotch
and had tons of money in the bank and
left the toilet seat up and
let wind whenever he wanted.

The End
In her post, I have commented that not just a few time we can only sigh "MEN!"...but still, we have to accept that need them, we want them in our lives. And so the only thing to remember as to how to make everything work is the word COMPROMISE! With it we can find peace ~ on both ends!


Monday, December 28, 2009


Michael Jackson Lyrics

Another favorite song of mine from the legendary Michael Jackson. But what I love most in this song is the line LOVE'S NOT POSSESSION.

Love truly is not possession because doing so means you're giving selfish love, or if I may say so, giving nothing at all but taking. In loving, it has to be without holding anything back nor expecting anything in return. And the moment that this is true on BOTH ends, then there will be definite success and happiness in that relationship. This kind of thing almost seems impossible...but truth is, it is possible. Others may call it soul mate, but for me it's God given. And it is a prize given to those who are asking for it and is deserving of it.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

I’m sure you have been hearing and seeing louis vuitton handbags everywhere you look now, especially this holiday season. BUT not all of us can afford to give in to the vanity of having one. Yes it is “something” to be with your friends slinging along a tremendously beautiful bag, yet it is another to be feeling guilty buying something worth the whole of your wardrobe while you have ONE bag.

Now, can you believe in having one exactly alike but is actually a lot cheaper? That’s what you call louis vuitton replica handbags that I would gladly put my hands on. It’s the ideal thing to do these days of fashion trending though in economic crisis, be wise enough to find cheap replica bags. In fact, people are adept to the need in saving that it is often that they look for look-alike’s than the costly real thing. I remember years ago, almost like centuries ago already, when even us kids can buy the original Barbie Dolls and her accessories with our savings. Now, even the parents complain at the high cost, and settles on Barba’s and other unbranded replicas. Even perfumes now have smells-like, and not only is it half the price different but almost 80% less. How about owning load of those original, attention-getting bags but putting your life at stake whenever you bring it along knowing how bad the world is turning out to be? One moment you are gliding along with a proud face showing off your bag, and in an instant a man passes you along and with him is your gold-worth bag and everything inside it. Lucky you to even have your arm still with you, or your life not taken along. Tell me which you value more then, your bag or your life?

Clothes, bags, shoes…different things in this whole wide world now need to have replicas if that is the deal!



Honestly, if you’re asking me I would have to say “NO”.

For the longest time I have always believed only of normal marriages, that’s a man to a woman; and not a man to man or woman to woman. Not only was I taught that it is what the society accepts years ago but of what the Bible says how it should be. Yes, maybe people have learned to accept that THINGS have changed and we with time changed as well…but why not do so not in accordance to how we were made? To what is proper?

I must admit that gay people are funny, those I know that is, and they are nice to be with…but that does not mean I go with whatever they want. I oppose to relationship between same sex, but I do not condemn them for being effeminate.

I believe that it is understandable that genetically they may have more estrogen than testosterone to have more of the womanly traits, but it is also a trial for them to fight off the wants and needs that is not supposed to be for them to give in to just because they want to…and just recently, because of others acceptance of it. After all, it only is acceptable but not commendable…more so, just temporary worldly happiness and after which, everlasting damnation.



Funny thing to say, but it really is one of the commonly heard illnesses these days. Young or old, rich or poor…everybody in all walks of life can have it. And there are so many of it, if only you can choose which one to have. Tsk! Okay, okay…seriously this time.

Whenever people hear of this big C, almost always we picture the treatment and of what is happening during and after it. But we must also consider the positive effects of what these treatments bring, thanks to reseach and technology because having Cancer now does not always mean death, it can be cured. And it’s not just chemotherapy these days, there’s the “pill a day” now for lung and pancreatic cancer treatment. Every step we take now takes us closer to finding out the breakthrough to curing all diseases…hopefully we also would know all the preventions TO STAY LONGER WITH OUR LOVE ONES AND BETTER HALVES.


Friday, December 25, 2009


In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities
~ by Janos Arnay

I have long ago trained myself to keep dreaming, and to keep believing. Because I know that in that world, the dream world, there is no impossibility. And that is where I reach anything unreachable. And it always gives me this moment of bliss, and the push to achieve that dream in reality. A motivation if I may say so.

Dreaming is the only thing we can do nowadays that is free, and so if you dream, dream big. This is where we are in the state of immortality, a state of perfection...and this is what people in love usually do as well. Because whatever that cannot be in the real world, can be in that dream world.

But we also can say that if you truly and deeply love someone, you can do everything in your power to do whatever it takes for that love. (well, in this instance, I'd like to iterate that THERE has to be bounds to what you should and should not do!)


Tuesday, December 22, 2009


It’s not always sitting down and staring at each other, but moments of fun and laughter as well…these are moments of you and him that you treasure. And it can even be better with photofunia. Click! Click! You have your picture, but this site that have daily addition of fun, where you can choose a variety of backgrounds and styles makes your photo fun.

Funny Pictures

It is an understatement to say that being in love makes you crave to be with the one you love every minute, and so you would definitely be having a lot of those “you and me”. Your photo for your frame on your desk, your reminder of him in your room, momento of your first, second, third and so forth monthsary, your first moment together with your family, your favorite hang-out, your every moment. You have thousands of “you and me” even without an event definitely, and to give a twist and make it a little more different, try photofun.

Funny Pictures

In fact it is not just for you lovebirds, it is as fun to do with your friends photos, and your family. It also is an appealing to be in your different social network albums like Friendster, Facebook, Tagged, etc. I have some in mine and it makes people wonder how I do them…and they comment even on the magnificence of it. Art.

Funny Pictures


Monday, December 21, 2009


I do not know any more when to believe the phrase "experience makes you the wiser". Probably possible, but not to all, especially when we are talking about love and relationship.

I see people, myself included YEARS AGO, go blind and reckless when in comes to decision making with love involve. We falter, and we push head on because we are consumed with that wonderful feeling of ecstatic love. It is euphoric and hyperventilating to be in cloud nine loving and being the point of madness sometimes. To the point of disobeying norms and rules of society. To the point of forgetting what we were raised not to do and what we ourselves believe of what is right and wrong.

And most of the time, we end up a loser. We fall, we get hurt, sometimes we get ruined. What we lose most is time. But that goes with it. What matters is we move on...and learn.

STILL, why is it that the learning for some ends the moment they get blinded again? Fool enough to forget what they have gone through or believing that this time it's different? Maybe it is possible...but travelling the same path of immorality, the same path of insanity cannot lead you to a different destination. Maybe a VERY little chance, luck probably. But if "experience makes you the wiser" you will see the signals blinking at you. Obvious enough to change your dance step, but often you got so inclined with the tune that you block off the whispering beware. Thus, the cycle of insanity, falling and hurting goes again.

Don't you think it is high time that you love yourself more and have a better cycle than that? I believe it is...and so I did became the wiser.

SONGS OF THE HEART: STAY by Pauline Wilson

Saturday, December 19, 2009

It sometimes comes to a point of begging when the person who became our life, our breath, our everything...finds another way other than WITH us.

ETERNITY by Jude Deveraux

Friday, December 18, 2009


I browsed through my stacks of pocket books this time since I have nothing new still, and found this Eternity which I thought I have already read. But as I started on, I cannot recall ever encountering the story, half way, still do not believe I have seen it…now, I know that either I forgot all about it or have not read it ever believing that I already did.

Crazy as it may seem, I really think it is new to my eyes though already brown and tarnished…anyways, the story seems impossible but entertaining nonetheless. IT IS A LOVE STORY that resembles Cinderella being one poor, and the other rich. But this time it is in reverse, the lady is rich and the man in poverty with two kids and no wife. But no matter the difference in status they fell for each other; that no matter how much the Josh pushes Carrie away, she still tries her very best to win him over and give in to the love in their hearts.

Romantic fool that I am…no matter the circumstance, I still am touched with the intensity of the love within. I don’t care whether it’s believable or not, I am still reading on hoping it will have a happy ending!


Thursday, December 17, 2009


It's not all for HERS, there also is a HIS' place to rest and relax, and beautify. After all, it's not only us ladies who needs to revitalize the skin, soothe the aching muscles and limbs, have our hair and nails taken care of...MEN needs them too.

One of the many first impressions that I consider significant is the cleanliness of the hands and nails. Not that I want them painted, I hate to see men wearing colorless nail polish! I just want them rid those black "something's" under the nails. And the hair, the crowning glory of both male and female, be neat, clean and flake free.

And so, men are not limited to the Barber shops of long ago, but also to the parlor's and spa's. Fear not men, for it will not lessen your "macho image" to be seen in them.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Some newly married couple prefers to wait a few years of enjoying each other before deciding to have kids. Some though are so inclined to having one right away that they conceive it as honeymoon babies.

It is a matter of readiness to build a family and to raise the product of “you and me”. But at this time and age it should be more than what you want but also of CAN YOU? World crisis makes most limit their number of children to 3 or less, and some countries even give a rule of only 1 per family due to over population. These are relevant to the possible here-after of child birth. The excitement and happiness will be there, but what of the responsibility of rearing them and assuring that they can be taken care of, and giving what they need. Can you provide them shelter, necessities, and a little of what they may ask for?

More so, can you be the perfect parent for them, loving them completely and no maltreatments or insufficient time allotted for them? Because if you will only have them to please your other half and blame the kid for being in the way of your career or your social life, DO NOT HAVE ONE. Kids are not puppies or dolls to be excited about at first then be ignored after you lost interest.

Children are blessings, and in them you are sure of having the love given you unselfishly. It is the most wonderful feeling to share your love and your all to someone loving you more than anything and anyone else; And to see them grow up to how you molded them. It is a prize to see them be the best that they are. It is a fulfillment to complete your family of “two of us” to “all of us”!


Sunday, December 13, 2009


The one who loves least controls the relationship.
Those in love are said to be making fools of themselves, that they are usually blinded with this the extent of doing ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING for the better half. This is the reason why that better half is more in control of us.

I suggest that we follow nature as was created, the head above the heart! With it saying to think first before you feel.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

You are eyeing this girl for the longest time, but you are taking your time trying to be what she wants a man to be. She likes men carrying long hair, you grew your clean cut to long; she likes sports cars, you exchange your classy car to a sporty; she likes this, you do that.

You are then making her like her dream man and not YOU. This kind of arrangement can work, but not for a long-term relationship…because not so long after, you will want to be the real you. Lucky you if you are mistaken in believing that she will not like you for whom you are, and that the real you that will come to show sooner or later will be better than what or who you are portraying to be. But if not, heart break is to be expected.

So why not do the right thing the first time? Show the real you and if you are liked for who you are it will be more rewarding, and it is easier to the extreme as compared to the effort you will put through in pretending. The saying “no” of a girl can probably hurt your ego a little, but that’s nothing compared to the loss after finally having her then needing to let go.


Friday, December 4, 2009

Everything But The Girl Lyrics

Most of the time we were caught unaware with this thing called "LOVE". It is an ordinary day of leaving the house, going to work, having lunch, heading home...and suddenly there's this gorgeous man colliding with us as we walk down pedestrian lane, breaking the routine and putting us into spell.

That suddenly, life changed. We were definitely not looking for love, but love finds a way.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I admit to being a sentimental fool…but sentimental fool or not, we all have memories to keep. Every occasion we have photos and memorabila’s that we store in our safest place at home. And when we are in love, everyday is an occasion!

Facebook is one of the most popular site that is being filled up with those photos. I myself have an account there that makes me connect with friends, old and new. And that it is the way and reason for me to create MORE memories to keep. But aside from this remarkable site, you can also have a personal page specifically for storing up your most valued times with your love ones; a safer one than your NOT fire-proof house, or your NOT poke-free cabinets.

My Heart Will is the answer to your hope of creating a special account for your special someone’s that only you and that love one can access. Messages, thoughts, recordings, photos, letters…any of those things can be kept here. That a few seasons after, you can relinquish the blossoming love that you now cannot believe to be happening…and a few years after, can reminisce on those splendid days you have with your love ones.

Loving is euphoric, and going back to that day is something we all do. Have the place to go to in one click, My Heart Will is offering what you have always wished for. Not a box, but a site full of your memories to keep.



"The hottest love has the coldest end".
~ by Socrates

Breaking up with our partner means bringing the relationship to its end; but this does not always end up with pain. There are times that it gives you happiness and freedom, but both ways there is CHANGE. Change in what we got used to, thus at a moment we become vulnerable. Out of balance. Still, soon enough we will be up and about…moving on.

The onset of this phase of moving on depends on HOW MUCH pain we are dealing with. And as the famous Greek Philosopher Socrates said, “The hottest love has the coldest end”. I believe that, if not all his ideas. Because I notice that the more one loves a person, the more they tend to make their better halves the center of their lives; thus the more adjustment is needed for them to have control of that life once again. It’s like pulling out a kidney in your system, your body needs to cope with just one kidney…and it will take time because it is used to having two. And the more you love a person, the more involved he is in your life. The more he is a PART of your life.

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