Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Giving time to be with one another is a key to a sturdier relationship. May you be two single couple trying to make it work or a married couple with kids and fighting your way in keeping the fire burning...YOU HAVE TO HAVE TIME ALONE WITH ONE ANOTHER.

And it has always been in my romantic mind's eye to be in the woods and cuddle in front of the fire, dive in the water naked together, be inside a cozy tent for hours without worrying you have to wake up in a few minutes or be late for work. How nice ti would be to spend a few days in a secluded area with just the two of you, bonding. Learning more of each other you have not had the time to in your fast pace of life in the city, discovering ways to make each other be better as an individual and as a couple, or simply enjoying each others company.

End the wait, get into the comfy and safe to travel on rvs and get your most deserve vacation for two!!!


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