Friday, September 10, 2010


I have always wished to have my own car to drive since teenage life. Its been an envy to see one oozing away in their own baby's, may it be a salivating brand new car or sparkling though Used Jaguar Tempe.

In my mind I see myself behind the wheels driving along the highway, and as the light turns red, a hunk pulls over beside me and eyes me and my baby. BIG LAUGH! But a dream that can come true!!!

We honestly can say that it will easier to make happen with second hand cars. Its not practical nowadays anymore to go grabbing brand new ones when you can have the same at a lower cost. Millionaires go tired of them in a few months, replace them, and leave them in sale for us to partake with. SUMPTUOUS! haha. So let's go window shopping and you never know, you might actually have one for yourself at a price just a wee bit higher of your old car when sold.


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