Friday, September 10, 2010


Do you believe that MEN WILL LOVE YOU MORE IF YOU LOVE HIM THROUGH HIS STOMACH? By fulfilling his hunger and cravings for food?

The truth is, I've been hearing a lot about this, but up until now I have no answer to that question. Thinking about it, I LOVE TO EAT. And maybe, just maybe, giving your man what he loves (which may be eating most of the time) will guarantee return of that love. From my previous relationships I gathered that men are simply more interested in eating than women are, them also not being overly conscious of bulging stomachs. So I concluded that pleasing them with tasty and sumptuous meals will make them happier, more thankful and more loving to you.


kikat said...

hi jenie, interesting post, but I beg to disagree, well at least in my case. My husband loves food, he eats everything actually. Fact is, I don't know much about cooking and I'm not good at it either, he does the cooking. I'm so grateful and lucky to have him because even though I can't fill his stomach, he still loves me like when we first met up to this day. I reciprocate his love for me in some other ways like supporting him, telling him everyday how much i love him and misses him every single day he's not around, and ask how his day was. So there. Love your posts Jenie I'll keep reading your blog. :-)

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