Saturday, September 11, 2010


People think in varying ways. Some believe in soul mate, some believe in meant to be, and some believe in looking for the right one or paving ways to meet that special someone.

If you are amongst those who think that we are given choices, free will, the responsibility of living your life and finding for yourself how your life will turn out...we are on the same line of thoughts. I know that the heavens have plans for each one of us, but then the end still depends on how we live it, on our part on it and on our every decision.

Therefore, in finding the perfect mate, I know that He alone can give me who is the best for me but I have to work for it as well. I have to pave way to meet him. How can I if I will just be cooped home? Or live in a shell? But I don't have an idea when, where, or how. Thus, I know I have to give reasons for my special someone to find me. And it could be at work, it could be at church, it could be at a party...or it can even be at toronto canadian dating site. He could be anywhere!!! Agree with me?

The thing is...GIVE HIM A CHANCE TO FIND YOU! As surprising as it can be, he may be on those dating sites made availble for romantic fools like us (wink!)


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