Wednesday, September 1, 2010


It does not hurt to try and look different at times. As human nature, we crave for attention. It is most pleasing if the people we care about notices us, more so comments on the effort we make to be better in his/her eyes.

In so saying, we do whatever it takes to make changes just so it will not always be the same old boring you. We have new hair cuts, we change wardrobes, or even to the point of changing our eye color. Glad there are a lot of ways now to do such. It does not have to be limited to Halloween Contacts but an ordinary day eye contact lens that gives a whole new different look. Probably matching your outfit, or even your hair color.

Call it vanity if you want, but I call it fashion. I also can say it's just one of those simple ways to give your love one a poke for seeing you only as you always are...and now surprise him and yourself with a whole new spark.


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