Thursday, September 9, 2010


Every couple have their own dreams to fulfill, and amongst them were their dream houses. The sanctuary of their love, a house to fill with love and kids.

I've always thought of having one with a wonderful landscape, a garden to lay around together in, a pool to dip into during the night and make fabulous love. This brings to mind Austin Custom Pool Builder. Who else can make the best but them.

Blame me not for looking far out ahead, but honestly, I've been building my house in my mind since I had my first boyfriend in High School. But believe me or not, I have never pictured anybody with me yet. It's always a faceless man for fear that when I think of it, it will not come true...or maybe for fear of being disappointed that it's not that present love of my life. Lucky me, I never felt disappointed, because up until now I am building those dreams in my mind.

And now I whisper to myself, I don't need to wait for that man to build my dream house. Why not put it up, and wait for that someone to complete the picture?! Right-O?


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