Thursday, September 9, 2010


Personally, I believe that AGE DOES MATTER when it comes to relationships. Because accept it or not, there is a need for connection and the level of maturity and understanding is affected by age, in addition to it alone will be exposure or experience.

Women naturally matures earlier than men. And so if a woman per chance will be older than the man in a relationship, there is a greater chance that the man will be left behind when it pertains to decision making and preferences. And remember that it is vital in a relationship that you have communication. You need to enjoy talking with each other, not not merely trying to be like the other to try and meet half way. Because if you are thinking way ahead, the future, there will come a time that both of you can do nothing but talk.

Physically, women matures easily as well. And insecurities can develop which will also affect the relationship. Attached to it is jealousy...then will come the misunderstandings, waivering respect, and so on and so forth.

Men can be older than the women and still they meet. And that's partly because the maturity of the woman coped with the maturity of the man, them being late bloomers.

THIS IS ACTUALLY JUST MY POINT OF VIEW...what can you say about it?


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