Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It is frightening to be "physically abused" but it is as hurtful to be "verbally abused".

There are couples that go on separate ways to avoid being in such a situation that both will regret, and one of which is the exchange of painful words. But there also are some that stays but suffers the effects of being abused. Either they believe to love the other so much that they can bear any assault, they have no choice because of a child that blossomed during the relationship, that they are tied in the bonds of marriage already or worse of all is when they are not aware that they are being abused already.

Words can affect us. Positively or negatively, whatever was said directly to us affects us. And emotionally, we carry it with us even after it was said and forgotten. Unfortunately those words molds us to what we become as we continue to hear it, and live with it. If time and again we are reminded of our weaknesses, insecurities build up. In the end we became enslaved by it and in ourselves believe that we really are what was said of us. The other way around, strengths became the foundation to our reaching our goals.

WE ALL HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE RESPECTED! Do not let anyone pull you down to what he thinks you are when you know that you are more than what he sees in you. If by chance that you do have a weakness, he should be there to help you overcome it, he should be loving you with or without it. And not rub it in and laughs at your face with it. Because he does not deserve all the goodness you have if your weaknesses he cannot accept. NOBODY HAVE THE RIGHT TO HURT YOU WITH ANYTHING: physical blows or splitting words.


Dorothy L said...

There just never seems to be enough warnings or self awareness words on the subject of abuse. It is the most effective weapon used to control another. Identifying it and stopping it are the only ways to be free of it~ Step out of the emotional box and see the abuser for who they are.
Thank you Jenie for reaching out with this excellent post~

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