Friday, September 3, 2010


I have always thought of this, BOY TOY. How come it is thought of as such then points to cars, bikes, things as such. We definitely can make it a GIRL TOY as well.

But what the heck! We are women and women are there to please men more than the other way around. (well, that is after the courtship!)

And so in my mind, I think of what to please my man than of what he do not do or give to please me. Agree with me in saying that it is human nature to be that way. That when we are in love, we tend to give our all more selflessly.

How did this came to mind? Well, I heard of this Los Angeles Auto Insurance and reminded me of cars and him. Men definitely will be ecstatic to be given such a toy, and will appreciate it even more to be informed that there is an insurance for that toy.


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