Wednesday, September 8, 2010


It is wonderful to see couples that have aligned interest. This states their compatibility. And in one glance you know that they spend time together on common ground and that it is most likely that they enjoy being with each other.

I have seen TV addict couples and it is not such a big deal for them to just stay home on weekends. They even call it "quality-time-home-weekends". And hour after hour, they are hooked watching TV!!!

But now it's good news for them that there is Free TV Online because they can do this even if not secluded "weekly" in the sanctuary of their home. They can enjoy it even if outdoors. They can watch TV in their carry on laptops while loving the garden breeze, the mist of the beach, or anywhere else to do so somewhere different. After often creates more thrill and spark to be somewhere else and still being together.

Experiencing something new together is always an added spice to your relationship, right?


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