Monday, September 20, 2010


I am a sentimental fool...I admit to that! I kept all the letters given me since childhood, varying from birthday cards friendly cards, get-well-soon cards, ALL KINDS of cards, noted and letters...not forgetting LOVE LETTERS.

I love writing therefore, as expected, they write back. But it touches the heart to receive one when you're not expecting it. Yes, it's usual to get one when there is an occasion or why not give one on an ordinary day just saying you miss them? or just sharing love to your better halves? family or friend? You don't also need an excuse to send letters and cards. It is one way of keeping in touch, it is one way of letting someone know they are thought of. And not just sending them a very simple text message, but something better. something more tangible like photo christmas cards or photo whatever-occasion cards. and something more personalized is always better than just those that you can buy anywhere.

This is such a great idea that I am now signing off to print some and send them asap ;)


Yannie said...

verbal abuse is more painful than the physical abuse. It hurts deep that if the victim is not process the child might grow problematic

Dorothy L said...

Most definitely words of wisdom my dear friend. Self-respect is vital in the battle of verbal and/or physical abuse. When we are shielded by our confidence and is almost impossible to be penetrated by the negative elements in life...relationships included~

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